Things that work in time of need will lean towards beauty by nature.
This is the concept that we keep in mind when we create
our pottery at workshop “Enju”.

In a world that has finite resources but full of many things
we are humble to be able to use a portion and make our creations.
This is possible due to our dependable customers.

We are a small scale workshop so we may not be able to do large scale creations
but we will create intricate things better focusing on the details
without forcing the creations at our given pace.

Our solution of pottery at workshop “Enju” is easy and simple to use regardless of
gender and used by all ages.

It can
Brighten your dining....
Color your meals....
Also be a gift for your loved one...

We have all kinds of gifts and presents for a heart felt gift.
How about something from workshop “Enju”?

Feel free to contact us or visit our workshop by E-mail, telephone, or Fax.

Line Up

「”Always question what is considered normal”
Life is always in front of you」

Chasing an ideal and putting it into creation allowed me
to out-pass my expectation of life as a ceramist and
heightened my life’s objective without being constrained
by the standard of
ceramist creating borderless and free pottery,

Now as a life’s profession, i create spacial designs
after two years of planning and design renovated
by my handwork, Gallery PolarSta (open in 2014)
Is still alive and changing its form today.
Putting experience from 20 years of life as a ceramicist
,I express myself with the usage of “Art”.

Kai Fukinbara

冨金原 塊

After entering and taking classes in
high school for mechanical manufacturing,
there was disappointment in realizing that
this was not the profession that suited my aptitude.
From there, an inquiry of what i wanted to do
with my life’s profession had to be re-evaluated.

After some pondering my next objective
had been found from my childhood.,
My love for making things since childhood
had created me a path to follow.
Looking and holding on to creations from
Munemi Yorigami (寄神宗美氏)
and the late Michio Furutani (故 古谷道生氏),
naturally i had figured out my passion again.
My decision was to go to a ceramists training school.

From there, i have decided to be unrelated and independent
from things that include authoritarians, status and power,
hierarchical structures.

“Resolution of independence”

Gallery & Craftshop


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